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What are Digital Out-of-Home Ads?

Digital Out-of-Home advertising

is an interactive and eye-catching advertising strategy that empowers the brands to digitize themselves and display content easily accessible to the general public. It is a progressive fast way to reach the target audience in real-time.

ONFLY advertising

allows advertisers to enjoy extended engagement with audiences. We are leading the way in the ever-growing demand for outdoor marketing in Canada.

Full motion DOOH

screens Full motion DOOH screens delivered 2.5-times more memory encoding and emotional intensity than static advertising, increasing engagement and subsequent conversion rates in the process.


According to the Canadian statistics for Labour, an average Canadian spends approximately 8.74 hours a day outside the home engaging in activities such as work, leisure and sports.
DOOH advertising cannot be stopped, skipped, blocked (by ad blockers), or viewed by bots. It’s always there for viewers surrounding them with powerful advertising wherever they live, work, shop, travel, and play.
You can Achieve sales uplift of 5 to 10 % by adopting hyper local strategies and considering non-traditional ways to reach shoppers.

Giving analytics

AUDIENCE INSIGHTS - Audience Demographics, Impression data, precise target
Proximity INSIGHTS - estimated impressions, geo-location data, measured real- world audience
Campaign ANALYSIS - hyper-relevant campaigns and full-funnel measurement capabilities

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